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Church Membership

If you are interested in membership at SUMC please contact the office to arrange a time to meet with Pastor Stephen. 

You might be asking, “If I can just continue to worship at Succasunna UMC, why should I become a member?”  Becoming a church member indicates a significant change in perspective from “I attend this church” to “This is my church.” 

Membership means shared belonging.  In Greek, the language the New Testament was written in, ekklesia or church did not mean a building, but rather the body of faithful believers in Christ.  Becoming a member of the church means the church is not seen as the pastor’s, or the other members, but it is your own place of belonging.  Membership implies that you want to be cared for, and you want to care for this community of faith.

Membership means being an active participant.  Taking part in the church not only implies worshiping, but participating in the whole life of the church.  The church doors are open the other six days of the week!  Come be a part of our many team ministries.   

Membership means commitment to Christ and one another.  The word commitment is counter cultural.  It indicates that you are in it for the real deal: the celebrations, the baptisms, pot-lucks, financial difficulties, growing pains and spiritual development. 

Why be a member of the church?  Because this church needs YOU: the unique gifts that you offer, your willingness to grow with the community and Christ, and your vision of what the present and future of Succasunna UMC will be.  All are welcome.